Richard and Anna

In early January a family member tagged me in a Facebook post, someone looking for a photographer.  More times than not people are looking for something cheap, and I usually ignore those.  However, I felt that I should contact this gentleman and introduce myself, and explain what I can offer.  

A week later he is sitting in my home office looking over a wedding contract.  He is getting married this summer at The Inn at Wise, a place that I'm very familiar with.  After signing I block off the day on my calendar and we pick a date for his engagement photos.

Then Mother Nature decided that she had other plans.  The snow dumped on us quickly and piled up to around a foot.  At least the kids had fun!

Once the weather let up we rescheduled our session.  Richard and his fiance Anna are such a pleasure to work with!  We had fun shooting these photographs.  We talked, joked, planned and had fantastic night at the Inn. 

I am definitely looking forward to this wedding!