Surprise Engagement

As a photographer you can be asked to be a part of many different situations.   Birthday parties, family reunions, family portraits, sporting events, and proms are just a few.  Sometimes you'll get asked to photograph a couple for their engagement portraits.  Usually, however, the bride-to-be has already said yes.

On a Friday afternoon a few weeks ago I received a phone call from a gentleman, Eric, from Waynesboro, VA.  Eric informed me that he was bringing his girlfriend to stay at the Inn at Wise for the weekend.  He asked if I could meet with them on Sunday for some portraits to remember their stay by.  He then went on to tell me that he was going to propose to his lady and wanted me to capture the moment.  I was very happy to accept!  As I said earlier, the bride-to-be usually knows she is a bride-to-be at their engagement session, not this one, but she would find out soon.  

We agreed to meet on Sunday before their trip home.  We made our way across the Inn using as much as the natural beauty the building has to offer.  

Our first stop was the diner for a few portraits.

And a shared milkshake.

Then we moved onto the balcony, where after a few nervous moments (I think I was just as nervous,) Eric bent to one knee.

It's not every day that you get to watch or even be a part of something like this.  It was truly an honor to watch this couple take that first step towards a lifetime together.  I wish them both the best of luck.  Thank you Eric and Crystal for allowing me to share your moment.  


Richard and Anna

In early January a family member tagged me in a Facebook post, someone looking for a photographer.  More times than not people are looking for something cheap, and I usually ignore those.  However, I felt that I should contact this gentleman and introduce myself, and explain what I can offer.  

A week later he is sitting in my home office looking over a wedding contract.  He is getting married this summer at The Inn at Wise, a place that I'm very familiar with.  After signing I block off the day on my calendar and we pick a date for his engagement photos.

Then Mother Nature decided that she had other plans.  The snow dumped on us quickly and piled up to around a foot.  At least the kids had fun!

Once the weather let up we rescheduled our session.  Richard and his fiance Anna are such a pleasure to work with!  We had fun shooting these photographs.  We talked, joked, planned and had fantastic night at the Inn. 

I am definitely looking forward to this wedding!